Saturday, January 22, 2011

On the 9th of January 2011, Holy Family Church, Gorva celebrated its Parish Feast.

The Celebration began with a Solemn Eucharist. Rev. Fr. Patrick S.J. was the main celebrant for the occasion. Rev. Frs. Melvin, Sunil, Paul and Lawrence concelebrated. The Eucharistic Celebration was well planned, creative and devotional.

The introduction was a combination of both reading and song.

The penitential service was acted out by the youngsters: Covered eyes were the symbol of sins committed through the eyes, Mouth covered was a symbol of sins committed through the speech, and heart symbolized hard heartedness. The compere called on the people of God to reflect and ask forgiveness of the Lord for the same.

Fr. Patrick gave a very inspiring homily relating the Family with the solar system. He said that just as the planets rotate around the sun, so do our lives rotate around God. Turing to Him is day and away from Him is night. He also said that all the plantes rotate in perfect order or there would be an accident. So is our life. Every family must carry out their functions responsibly and with great love, united with one another and carrying out the role assigned to each. He then spoke of the many evils that are destroying the family life today such as individualism, pleasure without responsibility, pre-marital and extra-marital affairs and sex, lack of time for the family, etc. He invited all the families to be like the Holy Family faithful, loving and seeking the good of the other. His sermon was very practical and inspiring.    

The offertory procession had various elements that helped the people to offer their family to the Lord to be blessed and accompanied by His presence.

The women offered triple aarti to the Lord after doxology. They danced while Rev. Fr. Melvin sang the aarti hymn.

The choir sang very melodiously under the able guidance of Ms. Hansa. 

At the end of the Eucharist Rev. Fr. Patrick incensed the statue of the Holy Family and garlanded it. The people then came forward to venerate and kiss the statue and offer their prayers and thanksgiving.

Fr. Melvin, The Parish Priest thanked all who had contributed to make the feast day a success both through their financial and physical help.

After the Eucharist Celebration games were ogranised by the Youth of the Parish. The first game was an Ice-breaker (Fire on the Mountain). The children had spoon and marble, The youth had passing the ring. The most interesting and exiting game was the wives had to dress their husbands with sarees and then had to do a cat walk. The senior citizens men and women had book balancing. The people enjoyed it all. It was like a family enjoying the company of each other in a competitive spirit. The winners were given prizes by Rev. Fr. Paul.

After the prize distribution Rev. Fr. Sunil thanked the youth and Fr. Lawrence for conducting the games. The people then joined to dance garba, while some went to enjoy the sumptous meal served on the occassion.

Fr. Melvin, Fr. Sunil and their parish team did a wonderful job. Everyone really enjoyed the day and did express their joy and appreciation.

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